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About Literature / Hobbyist Mitsukai Ameterashi27/Male/United Kingdom Groups :iconauthors-alliance: Authors-Alliance
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Suicide Note
My heart yearns for you, my precious,
And though you may have lost the fight,
You will never be alone, my love,
For I'll be joining you tonight.
:iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 11 25
I really need one right now
:iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 2 24
Sleeping Angel :iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 8 128 Digital work 2 WIP :iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 2 6 Sleeping Angel Sketch :iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 3 4
The Invasion of Panda Island
Pi pi pi pi pi pi pi pi.
The incessant sound of the alarm clock resounds through the dark room, and I reach across the narrow gap between the bed and the small table to hit the button that will conclude it without opening my eyes. I frown slightly as I realise that the weight that had been on my bare chest when I retired to bed last night is completely gone.
“Pan?” I ask tiredly, wondering where he could’ve got to, but I don’t have to wait long before I get my answer.
“Yeah?” The sound of my lover’s voice right next to my ear startles me enough that I’m suddenly sitting bolt upright in the bed, the duvet falling from my chest to crumple around my waist as I wait for my breathing to slow and my heartbeat to steady.
“Don’t do that.” I beg him as I lay back down to rest my tired head on the pillows. He’s curled up on those pillows around my head, and he cradles my head in his arms, resting his forehead against mine.
:iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 4 9
The Monster In My Head
Every moment it sits there
Watching me, taunting me
I can’t see it
But I know it’s there
Listening, controlling
It tears us apart
I can feel you getting further away
Every word between us is strained
Every thought fearful and wary
When I hold you tight
I feel you shaking with sobs
I can see the pain and distress in your eyes
Every moment is one less together
All because of the monster in my head
:iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 19 63
Ever there
Silent witness
Sees your flaws
No escape
Misses nothing
Never stopping
Can’t take it
Fists slam
Glass shatters
Shards fall
Knuckles bleed
Blood trickles
And at the end of it
Everything’s just the same
:iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 16 26
LitGuildUK Member Profile
Personal Life:
:bulletred: DA Username: MitsukaiAmeterashi
:bulletblue: Real name or alias: Mitsukai
:bulletred: D.O.B: 9th September '89
:bulletblue: Where in the UK do you live/come from/have family ties?: Born in Colchester, currently living in London, family in London and Pan has a brother in Glasgow
:bulletred: What does your username mean?: It's my name
:bulletblue: Favourite music: Rock, metal, alternative
:bulletred: Favourite films: Action films
:bulletblue: Favourite books: Anything I find interesting
:bulletred: Hobbies: Writing, meditating, doing stuff with Pan and the kids
Writing Life:
:bulletblue: When and why did you begin to take your writing seriously?: I decided being an author was the kind of career I would enjoy, so I figured I should start putting more effort into my drabbles and such
[Bullet; Red] What inspires you to write?: My husband and family, otherwise I'm usually half-drunk so it's whatever pops into my head
[Bullet; Blue] Do you write primarily
:iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 0 0
08 - Riddle
"Give me food, and I will live; Give me water, and I will die. What am I?" As I once more recount the simple riddle, the one that had been my favourite as a child to the extent that every other child in the neighbourhood knew it, my newly-wed stares at me as if I'm crazy. I can tell that he's already regretting asking me for something to distract his mind from his looming deadline.
It's early evening, the day after our union, we're sat in the bedroom of the motel we've been staying in overnight. Pandora shakes his head and sighs loudly as he prepares for another of his random guesses.
"Me?" He guesses.
I burst out laughing, unable to contain myself as I collapse in a fit of giggles.
"It fits." I finally manage to say. "But you're not the answer to the riddle."
His mismatched eyes search my face for a few moments before he finally bows his head and sighs once more.
"All right, I give up." He admits, falling on his back on the floor so that he has to look up to see me. "What are y
:iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 1 20
07 - Alley
I'm panting as I run through the crowds of people, dragging Pandora along behind me as I do so.
"Did we lose him?" Pandora asks me as we break out of the crowds and into the town square, coming to a halt. Having less stamina than I do, he immediately doubles over, panting harshly, rubbing his aching leg. He doesn't have his crutch with him, so I'm supporting him as we walk forward a few steps.
"I don't know." I tell him in response to the question. "I hope so."
"I'm scared." My boyfriend admits, anxiously looking back the way we came.
"I know." I reply softly, leaning over and pressing my lips against the top of his head. "Come on, he won't look for us down here."
I lead him across the road and into an alley. It's dark and cool and a relief after the bright, hot day outside. Supporting him by his arm around my shoulder, I lead him right to the end and sit down with him against the wall.
"How long are we gonna be sitting here?" Pandora asks me uncertainly.
"Until Harou calls me back to
:iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 0 4
If Death Knocked on my Door Today...
If death knocked on my door today
Would you miss me?
Would I become,
Like my father before me,
A faded photograph on the mantel?
A pleasant memory
My children never knew?
If death knocked on my door today
Would you hate me?
Would you resent me
For leaving you all alone
With nothing but your fear and pain?
Trapped in an abyss
Of anguish and sorrow?
If death knocked on my door today
Who would protect you?
Who would hold you close
And dry your tears
And comfort you in your need?
Or would you
Bottle it up inside once more?
So if death knocked on my door today
Don’t grieve for me.
Be happy, my love, and patient
And we shall be together again.
:iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 22 33
Note To Self #2
When leaving sleeping husband on any kind of raised surface, make sure he’s put far enough away from the edge that he doesn’t –THUMP ... oops.
:iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 1 4
Note to Self #1
When leaving sleeping husband on the office table, make sure the keyboard is far enough away from him that he doesn’t roll over and wogbul9\.lo\.brw;;fbc;owianfconogbw;oefklndsfknfpiebgo;`kdln
:iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 2 0
ID image by Pan :iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 0 7 Windows to the Soul :iconmitsukaiameterashi:MitsukaiAmeterashi 6 0

Random Favourites

Morpho peleides - Necklace :iconganjamira:Ganjamira 41 18 Tarot: The Empress :iconkatherine-black:Katherine-Black 19 18 Blazing Mandala :iconthenit:Thenit 11 5 Haunted Sunset :iconnovamcknight:NovaMcKnight 448 90 Warcraft: The Legend of the Fire Bird :iconazrashari:azrashari 2 2 Forgotten Realms - Amaren Aden :iconazrashari:azrashari 1 0 The Lord of the Rings - Riverdale Tree :iconazrashari:azrashari 2 2 Why stop? :iconasetwesir:AsetWesir 5 0 The Shade :iconarcrebs:ARCrebs 17 13 Clockwork :iconev-sta:Ev-sta 795 151
a ratio of freckles to stars
you are floating away in
every direction:
a universe
of sunlight & marrow bones
i want to know
your touch
had vertigo then--
a certain horse sadness
i remember how you
would swallow the stars:
watch them glow through your cheeks
(no one told you
what they thought of light & dying
of being a constellation
drawn across your face)
you are the milky way:
a firefly drowning
but i will trail you--
hold your coat above the water
(a star
exploding a million miles away
with a number for a name)
:iconinsomniaplague:insomniaplague 75 48
Buterflies :iconamayablood:AmayaBlood 22 3 Arctic Cathedral :iconhannajayne31:hannajayne31 6 31
Never Be Alone in the Dark
Avoid the shadows...
Be silent...
Hold back the fear...
He cannot see you...
These are things you tell yourself.
You know they are not true.
Although he does not have eyes,
and he does not have ears...
he can still see you.
He can still hear you.
He lurks in the darkness,
always watching.
Do not go to the window!
Do not go outside!
You are safe here...
All lies.
He knows what you're thinking.
He knows you fear him.
But yet, he still hides.
Waiting for the right moment,
waiting for the first unsuspecting soul
that shows no fear,
to seek him out.
He is ever patient.
Quietly stalking through the eerie fog.
Awaiting the moment he can strike...
Your feet carry you on.
You cannot stop.
Something moves ahead of you,
and your heart begins to race.
No! Stop!!
Turn and go back!!
Your commands go unheard.
Your eyes scan the darkness.
You see nothing.
But you know he's there...
you know he's waiting.
Just for you.
He senses someone nearby.
Long tentacles protrude from his back and arms,
:iconxxkouhaku-chanxx:xXKouhaku-ChanXx 6 2
Flabebe :iconmandoriko:Mandoriko 20 11





Mitsukai Ameterashi
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Right now: Feeling a little off-colour still, but I'm getting there. Tired. Otherwise just vaguely happy

I'm a 23 year old bisexual male, born in Colchester and raised between there and Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki, Japan. Until recently I was living in Tokyo with my partner, Pandora, we're now living in London with our 3 beautiful children. I'm training as a doctor, specialising in human psychology, and I run a small private clinic with my sister-in-law. I cannot draw to save my life, that's Pan's job, what talent I have lies more in writing and I hope to be a novelist one day. I'm an insomniac, so don't be surprised if you find me posting things at two in the morning, I tend to write things in the middle of the night. Touch my husband, :iconsneakycookiepanda:, and I swear I will rip you apart. Profile pic and avatar are by him.
  • Listening to: Skillet
OK. I am sorry, I haven't been online for the past two weeks, as the 11,287 messages in the inbox are reminding me, I will have to go through them at some point. I'm sorry, it's been a mix of personal problems, Pan and me were having problems, then I got really sick so between being really busy trying to sort out those various problems and being stuck in bed with a f***ing drip for a week or so and trying to sort out my resignation from a certain part-time job as a waiter because the boss is a right jack@$$ I just really haven't had the time to come on or anything. Sorry. But, yeah, everything is getting back to normal now, I am actually working on getting back to work, but my hours are messed up because I've been gone for so long. To everybody who sent me messages and llamas and stuff, as I seem to have got a lot of those in my absence, thankyou and I will get on to replying to everything and stuff. It'll just take a lot of time because I have so many things to do I'm afraid.
Um, Pan and me are going to Germany next week, we've managed to get it rearranged from when I had the tumour. We've got a lot of things going on here, so it's probably not the best idea in the world to go so soon, but it is something that the both of us really need right now. Obviously we've both been through hell and back recently, so we just need some time for the two of us to get away from it all for a while. I don't know if there will be any internet access there, but even if there is I don't know if we'll be coming on that much or not. Just to let you know that there will most likely be a big inactive period again from the two of us on that week. Again, I'm sorry, but it can't really be helped.
It's been a long long time since I wrote or posted anything, so I really do need to get on top of that, and I will try to get something done for the end of the week before we leave maybe. If not I'll definitely write something while we're gone to post when we get back. A change of scenery will probably be a big help, because I really haven't been able to write anything recently.
And you get one random news update: My parents are getting divorced. Like, officially. And they're expecting me to be surprised and/or upset about it. Well I'm sorry, but even if it did affect me, which it doesn't, they haven't been living together since I was four. They don't even go in the same room anymore. The most shocking thing of this for me is that it took 19 years for them to actually get a divorce :/ Well, whatever, like I said, it doesn't affect me in any way.
Anyway, thanks guys for everything, and I'll see you all later ^^

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